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Tyson releases his chamber’s statistics from 2015 & 2016 Court of Appeals cases

Raleigh - Judge John M. Tyson promised voters to reduce delays for parties awaiting the outcome of their appeals, citing: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”  He released statistics from his chambers at the North Carolina Court of Appeals, highlighting the total number of cases he heard  and opinions he filed during the 2015 and 2016 sessions.

Judge Tyson also announced his chamber’s average time between the dates the case was heard and his opinion being filed. Court policy allows up to 90 days for opinions to be filed after the case is heard by the Court.

In the 254 cases he heard during the 2016 calendar year, Tyson penned 81 majority opinions, with an average time between the hearing and filing date of 24 days. He also filed five concurring and/or dissenting opinions so far in cases heard in 2016.

During the 2015 calendar year, Tyson heard 268 cases, writing 89 majority opinions. The average time between the hearing and filing date for 2015 was 32 days. He filed 12 concurring and/or dissenting opinions in 2015 cases.

“I am proud of the results my chambers achieved with the cooperation of the other judges and staff at the Court of Appeals,” Tyson said. “I am also proud for the Court of Appeals to hold court sessions at six North Carolina law schools in 2016 to help future  attorneys experience the Court’s proceedings.”

“ We appreciate the public’s and profession’s support.  I look forward to an equally productive 2017 serving  as a Judge on the Court of Appeals, “ he added.